S.F. will open up new service centers in more districts in March 2014

Area: Japan
Duration: 26.Feb.2014 - 31.Dec.2015

In 2014, S.F. Express plans to open up new service centers in 333 counties / districts.

In March 2014, S.F. will open up new service centers in 23 counties / districts (Weiyuan County of Dingxi City in Gansu Province, Huinan County of Tonghua City in Jilin Province, Cangxi County of Guangyuan City in Sichuan Province, etc.).

Thank you for your continuous support and S.F. will always provide you with high quality and more convenient services.

ProvinceCityCounty/DistrictFormal Operational Time
Gansu Province Dingxi City Weiyuan County March 1
Jilin Province Baicheng City Da'an City
Taonan City
Baishan City Fusong County
Jingyu County 
Linjiang City
Liaoyuan City Dongfeng County 
Tonghua City Huinan County 
Ji'an City
Liuhe County
Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Helong City
Longjing City
Wangqing County
Liaoning Province Benxi City  Huanren Manchu Autonomous County
Chaoyang City Chaoyang County
Huludao City Jianchang County
Shaanxi Province Xianyang City Bin County
Sichuan Province Dazhou City Wanyuan City March 15
Guang'an City Wusheng County
Guangyuan City Cangxi County
Nanchong City Pengan County
Yingshan County
Yibin City Changning County


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