SF announces the first charter flight to Osaka, further enhances the level of service customization


21st July 201714:30, a SF Airlines charter cargo freighter (B767-300BCF) departed from Wuxi, China, arrived at Osaka Kansai Airport. A ceremony was held to commemorate this first flight between China and Japan. 

The flight was chartered by a freight forwarder to transport the music instruments from Osaka, Japan to Shanghai, China.


In terms of business operation, SF persists the core value to fulfill the need of customers. As the strong internal air transportation capacity support of SF Group, SF Airlines assures the fast and secure shipment transportation, and devotes to developing air cargo customization services, to improve the international operation capability and therefore boosting international expansion of SF Group.


In recent years, SF airlines has successfully completed cargo flights from China to Incheon, Korea, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Dhaka, Bangladesh etc. and developed a series of air cargo solutions to meet the market demands. In December 2016, SF Airline became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), contributing to the international business development of SF Group.


The success of the Wuxi-Osaka charter flight further strengthens SF’s ability to provide customized services to its customers, enhances SF Airline’s international operation capacity, which will definitely lay a firm and profound foundation for the future development of SF Group’s global business.