Notice on Commercial Invoice Creation


Dear valued customers,


Thank you for your continued trust and support to SF.


To ensure that the customs process goes smoothly with your shipments, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of commercial invoice creation.


Commercial invoices consist of a shipping list that the exporter provides for the importer. It is a must-have document for customs clearance and a required document for duty payments as well. Except for documents weighing under 5kg, all shipments handled by SF should be equipped with 2 copies of invoices when they are shipped.


The contents of the invoice should include the following: brand, name, quantity, value, specifications, and usage. It is highly suggested that you keep the invoice information (names, quantity and weight etc.) exactly the same as what the actual goods entail. Any deliberate false labeling will be defined as tax evasion by customs authorities, which will delay the clearance time of future shipments for both the importer and exporter.


The customs authorities are particularly strict on the import and export of perishable foods. Please contact SF JP Customer Service at 0120-683-683 to confirm the clearance process before sending food-related shipments.


Thank you so much for your attention.