How much do you know about Shopping Festivals?

‘Black Friday’ was originated in the United States. It literally explains the fact that the mega sales events retailers promoted the Friday after Thanksgiving turned the revenue of the year from “red” to “black” in their accounting books. During the Black Friday event in the U.S., retailers offer a once-a-year deal with steep discounts of up to 80 percent on a wide range of items. Consumption during the Black Friday period represents approximately 20% of annual consumption in the U.S.. ‘Cyber Monday’ began to earn its popularity 5 years ago. It falls on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. As e-commerce shopping is getting more popular nowadays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the world’s shopping festivals.


Meanwhile, other countries also have own shopping seasons. China has a special shopping day on the 11th of November, called ‘Double 11’ or Singles Day festival. Taobao, the giant of e-commerce platform in China initiated the festive shopping promotion, and other e-commerce platforms also followed. Customers usually enjoy at least 50% off on the purchase during that day. Today, it has become one of the most important days for all shopaholics in China.


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